How to Get Statements for Cash App Accounts

How to Get Statements for Cash App Accounts


How do I request an Apple Pay Cash statement?

  1. Open the Wallet app on your device.
  2. Locate and select your Apple Pay Cash card.
  3. Tap the blue info icon on the lower-right hand corner.
  4. Tap the Transactions box.
  5. Tap Request Statement.
  6. Confirm email and tap Send.


How do I download account statements from Chime?

All members are provided with paperless monthly statements in their online accounts at

You can download or print your monthly statements by going to your online account and clicking the statement tab on the left-hand side. Statements for the previous calendar month are made available to you on the 5th of each month.

Are there any limitations in getting statements for a certain period?

If you need statements for a specified time period, let Chime know and they will gladly provide them to you!

What if I see an error in my monthly statement?

Spending Account statements are considered to be correct. Carefully review your statements each statement period and notify Chime of any errors within 60 days of your statement becoming available. You also have a right to obtain a 60-day history of your Spending Account transactions and can contact us in several ways:

  • Call Chime at 1-844-244-6363
  • Write to them at Chime, P.O. Box 611, San Francisco, CA 94104.


How to get your transaction history or statement from Venmo.

To view your complete transaction history or statement, log into your Venmo profile from a web browser (not the Venmo app). Click “Statement”.

You can then download your transaction history as a CSV file (a spreadsheet) by clicking the “Download CSV” button next to the date selection.

Note: You can view any period of your entire transaction history from the beginning of your account, but you can only view or download up to 90 days at a time. 

  • If you need to access a period of time longer than 90 days, you’ll need to search multiple date ranges and view/download them separately.
  • For example: If you need to access your transaction history for all of 2020, you’ll need to access four separate date ranges: Jan 1 – Mar 31; Apr 1 – Jun 30; Jul 1 – Sep 30; Oct 1 – Dec 31  
  • If you’re having trouble accessing the specific range you want, try adjusting the end date before you adjust the start date .


How to View Monthly Statements

To view a monthly Cash App Investing statement:

  1. Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen
  2. Select Personal
  3. Scroll down to Documents
  4. Select Monthly Statements
  5. Select a month
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